EfD Small Research Grants for Master & PhD theses

Ngày 24/08/2019

EfD-Vietnam thông báo v/v nộp hồ sơ xin tài trợ nghiên cứu, dành cho các đề tài luận văn thạc sĩ & luận án tiến sĩ lĩnh vực Kinh tế và Quản lý Tài nguyên & Môi trường ở Việt Nam.


Call for Proposal


EfD-Vietnam is part of the global network of research centers of the EfD Initiative and is administered by EEPSEA at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. We contribute to the effective management of the environment through applied research, institutional development, academic training and policy interaction.

To make research more accessible to policy makers for better policy decisions, EfD-Vietnam provide small grants for Master theses and PhD dissertations that focus on Environmental and Resources Economics and Management.



We provide grants for theses related to environmental and resource economics and management, particularly using economic research method focusing on:

  • Climate changes: sea level rise, natural disasters, adaptation.
  • Green growth strategy: forestry, renewable energy, greening consumption.
  • Coastal and marine resources: coastal ecosystem services, fishery and poverty.
  • Industrial pollution: policy instruments, impacts on ecosystems and human health.

Transdiciplinary studies are encouraged. However, only theses that apply economic analyses are being considered.



All Master & PhD students may apply for the grant, provided that they:

  • hold Vietnamese citizenship,
  • are attending a Master/PhD program in a training institution based in Vietnam,
  • ready to work for their theses/disserations.


Grant information

Up to US$ 3000 is provided for each selected proposal to cover the costs of data collection and other costs of writing their thesis/dissertations.



To apply for the grant, students must submit a thesis research proposal in English or Vietnamese. You are free to format and organize the proposal, provided that it contains the following content:

  • problem statement,
  • research objective(s),
  • literature review,
  • research methods, especially the data collection methods.


Selection criteria

We select proposals based on their:

  • policy relevance of the research problem,
  • validity and reliability of the research methods.


Outputs to be submitted

Half of the approved amount will be paid to selected students immediately after the decision is made. The other half will be paid upon the successful submission of:

  • the full thesis/disseration (in English or Vietnamese), and
  • a two-page summary of the thesis (in English or Vietnamese).



There is no deadline. We provide grants on a first-come-first-served basis, until the total amount of fund for the year is used up.


Application package

  • Your CV
  • Your thesis research proposal
  • A proof that you are studying in a Master/PhD program in Vietnam


How to submit

The application package should be sent to admin@eepsea.org (cc hoa.tran@eepsea.org). The proposal should be in MS Word format.

  • The file name for the attachment should be in the following format:

Full NameProposal/CV/ProofSubmission Date (e.g., Nguyen Van A Proposal 01Oct2019). 

  • The subject line should be in the following format:

Application for Proposal Policy Grant Full name (e.g., Application for Proposal Policy Grant Nguyen Van A)



For more information, visit us at
Room 203, UEH School of Economics
1A Hoang Dieu St., Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Details of the call

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